Welcome to! My name is Anders Landin. I am an award-winning nature photographer. Photography has been a passion for most of my life. This site features some of my recent works in nature photography. Feel free to browse these galleries! You will find both Fine Art and Stock photography available for sale. The fine art photos are available as professional-quality prints and canvases in several sizes and materials, while the stock photos are available both as prints and digital downloads.

About Anders Landin

Throughout my life I've nurtured a passion for the outdoors - especially the area where land and water meet. As I'm fortunate enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, I have virtually unlimited access to the wonderful coastline of the Pacific ocean. You will find that my photography is dominated by subjects near this amazing coastline. When the light turns magical, it offers some of the most beautiful views available anywhere, in my opinion. In addition to using the ocean as subject in my photography, I frequently visit the ocean in one of my kayaks. Kayaking gives me unique access to areas of the coastline most people never see, and it has greatly contributed to my passion for the ocean. I am a certified instructor in coastal kayaking as well as in kayak surfing - another passion of mine. I also have a long history in sailing and sailboat racing, and have competed against several of the very best in that sport. My passion for the ocean and its coasts have taken many different forms over the years, but the ocean and its coast has always fascinated me.

Professionally, I work as a director for a major computer manufacturer in Silicon Valley. I specialize in development of complex computer server systems, and am the inventor behind many computer system hardware patents. I find the energy for my engineering work in my frequent visits to the coast, either with a camera in hand, or more hands on, in an ocean-worthy kayak. I hope my photography can help share some of this energy with you!

Professional printing and order handling

The order processing on this site is handled by All fine art prints are produced at Bay Photography, a high-end pro photo lab located in Santa Cruz, California. The watermarks you see in the middle of all photos here are there to protect my images. I hope they don't ruin your viewing experience. They are of course not present in the final prints. All orders are returnable for a full refund per SmugMug's usual policy, in the unfortunate case you are not fully satisfied with the photo. All this is handled professionally by to ensure a high-quality customer experience.

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- Anders Landin
Orange glow after sunset